Modern Orangeries are no longer extravagant greenhouses but have evolved to become an integral part of your home that will seamlessly link your living space and garden all year round. The characteristic large windows, glass atrium and high ceiling will flood your home with natural light, creating a very special room.

Rowley Home Improvements have recently extended our service to include bespoke Orangeries and glass lantern roofs. Whether traditional or contemporary bespoke Orangeries bring a new dimension to quality of life at home. All designs are exclusive and nothing is standard.

An Orangery from Rowley Home Improvements will transform the way you and your family interact and live. Giving you shade in the Summer and warmth in the Winter, combined with fantastic living space an orangery makes a special addition to any home. Bespoke Orangeries perfectly complement modern life, kitchen extensions, dining rooms, living rooms and studios have all been housed within a bespoke orangery structure.

Our Roof lanterns add architectural interest to your home without the cost of a full size conservatory or orangery. A well-designed roof lantern can be the crowning jewel for any home or business at an affordable price. Traditionally used to provide additional lighting to a room with a flat roof, lantern lights are available in bespoke styles and sizes and are attractive to view from inside or out.

Roof Lanterns from Rowley Home Improvements are a creative way to get natural light into parts of the home that do not get enough daylight through windows alone. The effect not only creates a bright and airy feel but also increases the impression of height and space in a room whilst enhancing the external experience.